It is one of the most common types of credit. It offers a relatively flexible and inexpensive alternative to borrowers. They will be able to finance their projects other than a real estate purchase. A pressing need for liquidity, an online purchase, unforeseen expenses, the installment loan can be the solution.

The most popular consumer credit

The objective of this installment loan is to allow you to finance all or part of your projects, marriage, children’s studies, holidays. By opting for this installment loan you can quickly obtain a sum of money without touching your savings. The installment loan is a personal loan aimed at financing various small-scale projects without proof. It can help you get through a tough time. The minimum amount you can borrow varies depending on the lending agency, but also your budget and your ability to repay. The installment loan is not renewable. It is possible to take out insurance to guarantee monthly payments in the event of illness, accident or death.

Simplicity of subscription for this loan

It is most often done online and the answer in principle is done very quickly. After a study of your file, your financial past, your ability to repay, the funds are paid to your account. A loan without surprises which presents fixed monthly payments known in advance. The only drawback of this loan is the interest rate, which is often higher compared to other loans on the market. Take the time to compare the offers offered, play against the competition. An online simulator can help you in this process, to obtain precise information. You must be aware that a loan, whatever it is, must be repaid in full.

There are many situations in which an additional financial injection would be welcome. In this case, a personal loan could help you. This is an installment loan whereby your credit institution makes a predetermined amount available to you. Consumers agree to repay this sum (plus interest) by making monthly payments.


• You don’t even have to present a purchase invoice from most credit providers.

• You know in advance how much your monthly repayments will amount to and how long you will need to make them.

• You can request it quickly. As soon as your request is approved, the money will be transferred to your account.

The inconvenients

• Personal loans are not very flexible. Unlike mortgages, you cannot reuse the money you repaid.

• In general, an early repayment goes hand in hand with a re-employment indemnity capped by law.

• They are expensive compared to other types of loans.